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What are the benefits of a MagnaCleanse flush?

What are the top 5 benefits of a MagnaCleanse:

  1. Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass
  2. Powerful and effective results with ongoing protection
  3. Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
  4. Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the cleaning process (More effective)
  5. Faster cleaning process with the addition of a MagnaClean filter

The benefits of adding a MagnaClean Filter

Having your heating system and boiler fitted with a MagnaClean filter will make the system more efficient. This occurs because the small magnetic filter will catch any future build-up of iron oxide, providing long-lasting protection and better circulation throughout the radiators and central heating pipework.


This, in turn, means the boiler will have to work less hard to heat the house and water. Therefore the overall result is that you protect your boiler from blockages and save money on your energy bills by up to 6%.

What is the MagnaCleanse process

Our All Systems Go Plumbing & Heating engineer will install a magnetic filter to the central heating system (if you do not have one pre-installed).

The MagnaCleanse unit can be attached to any pressurised central heating system without needing a pre-installed MagnaClean filter. However, installing a MagnaClean filter on your central heating pipework can speed up the cleaning process.

Once the professional MagnaCleanse unit has been connected to the system, with the help of some specially formulated high-strength cleaning chemicals, the engineer will filter the heating system pipework and radiators using the boiler at a high temperature. Using a VibraClean tool for 15-20 seconds on each radiator will agitate any loose debris the strong magnetic filter picks up. Once the water in the MagnaCleanse starts to clear, the engineer will disconnect the MagnaCleanse. He will then reinstall a permanent MagnaClean filter (if required), add the system inhibitor, and then refill the system to the correct pressure.

Start to finish, thoroughly professional, polite, courteous..... job done with minimal hassle and inconvenience - totally recommend ASG

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